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We're here to help you plan your next hunting adventure. The best deer, elk, bear and other big game outfitters in Texas, Colorado and beyond are right here on Guidefitter.

Castle Peak Outfitters
From $250.00 to $17,500.00
Texas Castle peak outfitters has your next hunting excursion!All of our hunts are fully guided most are fully guaranteed we provide lodging and if you want to add meals we can do that as well you will not be disappointed when booking with us we provide quality animals and a great time is a guarantee we we are always running specials on different hunts and would love to Book your hunt!!! Our booking process is super easy and stress free!!
Offgrid Outdoors
From $3,500.00 to $16,000.00
Del Rio Black buck antelope, addax, aoudad, bison, red stag, fallow deer, sika deer, axis deer, red sheep, markhor, ibex, urial, dama gazelle, scimitar horned oryx, mouflon and others are available to hunt. Some are free range and other are fenced.
From $3,500.00 to $6,500.00
Del Rio On this hunt you can shoot two bucks for $3500 or 4 bucks for 2 hunters for $6500. During the hunt you can also shoot unlimited hogs.
Severson Outfitters, LLC
From $650.00 to $12,500.00
Eden At our Texas outfit you're going to find your Typical West Texas setting. You'll soon find after arriving that you're in hard rocky, rough mesquite covered ground that West Texas is known for. While hunting here we use a lot of vehicles to hunt out of from UTV's, trucks and elevated platform trucks to get us above the tallest of Mesquite. The most common species that we hunt here in West Texas are blackbuck, wildebeast and Symbock. We have access to a variety of African game, European game and other game from all over different parts of the world. Just a few of these species include Aoudad, Gemsbok, Kudu, pure Mouflon, Zebra, Axis, Eland, Tahr, water buffalo and many many more. We are located about 45 minutes from San Angelo and 2 ½ hours from San Antonio near the small town of Paint Rock. We also have access to many other ranches with several nice trophies on them.
West Texas Hunt Org. (WTHO)
From $4,500.00 to $5,500.00
Rocksprings Trophy addax and management addax hunts available on a limited basis. Available to hunt year round. A combo hunt is available with Scimitar Oryx, Black Buck, Addax, or Rams as an option.
Backcountry Hunts
From $1,250.00 to $9,000.00
Kerrville A year-round hunting opportunity for free-range or game ranch animals. All Exotics hunts take place near Kerrville Texas, which has long been known as the birthplace of Exotics hunting. With the YO ranch being one of the best known of all game ranches, many of the hunts we offer take place near this historic ranch, putting you in the middle of excellent exotic hunting. We hun many different ranches and are able to cater your hunt to your needs and game wants. Over the years, many exotics have escaped and are found free-ranging on large cattle ranches. Two of the best free-ranging hunts are for Blackbuck Antelope and Axis deer. Blackbuck is best hunted in the fall and winter months when they are in their full Black color phase. Axis deer on the other hand are best hunted in late May to mid June and most are coming out of velvet and going into the "roar" or rut. During the rut, these deer will call similar to the way elk call, but the sound is very different.
Double Diamond Outfitters
From $1,500.00 to $15,000.00
Texas The hunting in Texas is some of the best in the country, if not the world. Texas has long been know as a premier destination for whitetail hunts, but with almost 70 different species of exotics available, the hunting in Texas never stops! Over my 9 years of hunting professionally I've been fortunate enough to acquire some of the best ranches in the state and can tailor your hunt to your specific wants/desires. Whether you're looking to hunt the famous Brush County of South Texas for big native whitetail, chase turkeys or exotics in the Texas Hill Country, or hunt big free range aoudad, bison, elk (yes there are free range elk in Texas…big elk) or mule deer in West Texas I've got the country and can put together the adventure of a lifetime for your or your family/group. With lengthy seasons for native game animals, no closed season on exotics, abundant game, and over the counter licenses it's tough to beat the hunting in Texas!
Texas Divide Ranch
From $250.00 to $15,000.00
Texas The Texas Divide calendar still has openings and remember, there is no closed season for exotic hunts.
Mesquite Thorn Outfitters (MTO)
From $2,850.00 to $14,500.00
Texas HUNT DESCRIPTION: 2 Nights 3 days, guide & lodging included. Meals are a additional cost of $125 per person. Additional fees for cleaning, caping & process of the animal.
Dancing Elk Alexander Ranch (DEA Ranch)
From $1,250.00 to $15,500.00
Texas, United States Whitetail hunt at DEA Ranch is an experience every serious hunter should explore. Quality whitetail is the main objective of the management program at the DEA Ranch. DEA Ranch also offers trophy exotic and elk hunting for our hunting clients. Year round hunting for Axis, blackbucks and several species of trophy rams are available. Hog hunting is fantastic and offered year round as well. With a healthy population of hogs we can offer some true trophy boars for those who are willing to hunt hard.
Triangle T Outfitters (TTO)
United States All of our exotic hunts are here in Texas on both high fenced ranches as well as free ranging ranches. There are no trophy fees, only the cost of the hunt. All hunts are in South and Central Texas ; blackbuck & aoudad are also hunted on free range ranches.
Buffalo Creek Ranch
Ranch Rd 337 If you've been looking for a great hunting experience, this is it. Buffalo Creek Ranch can give you a great hunt for great game animals without the hassle! Hunt for African plains game without worrying about killer viruses and political upheaval! Hunt our rugged hills for Ibex, Aoudad and eight species of wild sheep, without having to worry about lotteries and inclement weather! Experience a true "Fair Chase" hunt without having to share the woods with every other hunter.
Extreme Hunting Adventures (D bar Ranch)
Starting from $3,500.00
New Mexico, United States The New Mexico Gemsbuck is a free ranging species relocated in 1969 onto White Sands Missile Range in central New Mexico. The Gemsbuck or Oryx, as they are called in New Mexico, flourished in the desert terrain. Today many Oryx call New Mexico home, both on the White Sands Missile Range and on public and private land. The Oryx is one of the most sought after game animals in New Mexico as well as Africa. Few hunters realize that the Gemsbuck is classified as a big game animal in New Mexico. Anyone looking to add a very special trophy to their collection should consider hunting Oryx.
Rock Canyon Ranch
Texas Rock Canyon Ranch offers both the traditional and super exotics. The exotic hunts are a fantastic off season adventure, as these animals can be hunted all year long. Three days of meals and lodging are included with all packages.
AC Ranch
From $1,950.00 to $5,000.00
US Hwy 67 AC Ranch offers both high & low fence opportunities to accommodate all hunting enthusiasts. If your passion is to harvest a combination of exotics and/or native animals, we can customize your hunt to make your dream a reality! We do everything to make your hunt a challenging, exhilarating experience. Whether you prefer spot & stalk, safari style, or hunting out of a blind, we can do what you desire to make your hunt a success. Exotic game hunting on AC Ranch provides an opportunity for every hunter to harvest a variety of exotic species from all over the world in a much safer environment. At AC Ranch, you'll discover unique and extraordinary game animals from all over the world including: Addax Antelope, Axis Deer, Aoudad Sheep, Blackbuck Antelope, Corsican & Black Hawaiian Sheep, Elk, Fallow Deer, Gemsbok Antelope, & Sika Deer.
Champion Ranch
Texas Whether you are a seasoned veteran in search of a record book trophy or a first-time hunter looking to fill the spot over your mantle, Champion Ranch is your destination.
Texas Whether you are a seasoned veteran in search of a record book trophy or a first-time hunter looking to fill the spot over your mantle, Champion Ranch is your destination.
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