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Rusa Deer
King Peak Guiding NZ
From $4,500.00 to $45,000.00
Timaru Hunt up to 7 species of deer in New Zealand. Get in touch to see what species could work for you in your time frame and we'll organise the best hunt you.
Chaku Peru
From $1,000.00 to $10,000.00
State of Queensland, Australia The Australian hunts are conducted out of our lodge in Queensland. The hunting preserve is extensive with millions of acres of wild and untamed land, composed of eucaliptus woods, swamps and grassland. There are several species of deer to hunt in the wooded and grassland areas, and water buffalo and wild hogs in the sawmpy areas.
Four Seasons Safaris
Canterbury, New Zealand New Zealand's majestic Southern Alps hold some of the finest Big Game Animals to be found anywhere in the world. Four Seasons Safaris New Zealand offers fair chase Hunting safaris on exclusive privately-owned land where both record book 'Free Range' & 'Game Ranch' trophies are regularly taken. In addition we personally arrange and guide safaris into the most remote corners of New Zealand and into Australia and New Caledonia – the choice is yours. Join our expert hunting professionals in pursuit of Big Game Animal such as, Red Stag, Wapiti (Elk), Tahr, Chamois, Fallow Deer, Sambar Deer, Rusa Deer, Sika Deer, Whitetail, Wild Boar, Goat, Ram and Water Buffalo to name a few. Our Hunting Guides are highly qualified professionals with many years of guiding experience to ensure both your safety and success, while enjoying an exciting hunting experience. Allow us to customise a Safari for you, your family and friends.
New Zealand Safaris
Auckland, New Zealand If you have always wanted to really experience unrestricted hunting in New Zealand, in the true spirit of the outdoors, then come on an unforgettable journey into the heart of the South Island's picturesque paradise with us.
Fraser Safaris New Zealand - Woodbury Safari Lodge
Southland, New Zealand We are one of the longest established outfitter/guides in New Zealand, with over 30 years experience. Our hunts are based from our magnificent 11,000 square foot Woodbury Safari Lodge, on the South Island of New Zealand and in the heart of Stag, Tahr & Chamois country. Our private hunting areas total over 55,000 acres plus extensive mountain concession country if required. We offer hunting for the full range of species available on the South Island of New Zealand. We specialize in huge Red Stags & big Bull Tahr (on foot & with helicopter). Plus we arrange North Island hunts with our sister lodge for Sambar, Sika & Rusa and also all of the other South Pacific species. If you are looking for a high quality hunt with exceptional accommodation & meals, challenging hunting areas, world class trophies, expert professional guides - and all at a competitive price - talk to us, book your dates and let the planning begin!
State of Queensland, Australia Rusa Deers are found on our hunting area. They are less common than wild pigs and a bit harder to bag but a skilled hunter (with Al as their guide) with patience can get a great trophy. We have a bag policy on these animals and it varies with the seasons so please ask for more details.
Lochinvar Safaris New Zealand
From $1,200.00 to $10,000.00
Canterbury, New Zealand Come and join us 'down under' in the South Pacific to shoot Red Stag, Elk, Himalayan Tahr, Fallow Buck, Chamois, Sika, Samba, Rusa, Whitetail, Arapawa Rams, Feral Goats, Wild Boar, Turkey, Birds and Small Game. While you are in this part of the world we can also arrange Bird hunting, Small Game hunting, Freshwater Fishing and Trophy Hunting in Australia. During the New Zealand hunting season of February to August we live, eat and breathe hunting and love nothing more than to share our passion with you. Our professional hunting guides cater for all types of hunters including rifle hunters, bow hunters and muzzleloader hunters. Come and stay for a few days or a few weeks.
Hunting Downunder
Starting from $4,000.00
Northland, New Zealand Hunting Downunder Ltd can offer Deer Hunts with 6 of these 7 species to hunt, with the magestic Red Stag usually being the main quarry. As well as the opportunity to harvest those 3 species, Hunting Downunder Ltd provides hunts for 'Whitetail Bucks', 'Sambar Stags' and 'Wapiti Bulls' – otherwise know as 'Elk'. Bull Tahr, is not just the Himalayan Mountain Tahr, but one of the most impressive big game animals New Zealand has to offer. Chamois without the size and bulk of its mountain counterpart the Tahr, Chamois has more the features of an Antelope, and unlike the Tahr, Chamois range from the top to the bottom of the South Island, and from the coastline to the snow covered mountain tops. Feral Goat Hunting is a common pastime in New Zealand even though goat meat – Chevon – is the most widespread eaten meat throughout the world, Feral goats in New Zealand have been regarded as a pest.
ASJ Trophy Hunting
Southland, New Zealand
Australian Outfitters By Andrew Mackay
Australian Capital Territory, Australia Hotspur Lodge; is a modern lodge with all the comforts of home, located on the Tropic of Capricorn, in Queensland, Australia. It is a great place for the non hunter, as well as the hunter, to calmly relax while on your safari vacation. After the day's hunt everyone can relax at the bar, the swimming pool, or our recreational area around the barbecue, with a plentiful selection of great Australian beers and wines. Our meals are home cooked Australian meals prepared to your satisfaction. The Lodge is air conditioned with six comfortable bedrooms, the three spacious bathrooms have hot showers and flushing toilets. We have laundry facilities to keep your clothes fresh and clean and Internet access is also available from the lodge. There is a large veranda around the lodge providing a breathtaking view of the local flora, fauna, and prolific bird life of the area.
Wildside Hunting Safaris New Zealand
Northland, New Zealand Wildside hunting Safaris offers both rifle and bow hunters' a world class trophy hunting experience on both North and South Islands for all of the New Zealand's top trophy species. Specialising in professionally guided hunts on New Zealand's forest clad North Island. Not only for some of New Zealand's finest Red Stags and Fallow Bucks but also for trophy species found ONLY on the North Island like the seriously intelligent Sika Stag and the secretive Sambar and Rusa Stags.North Island hunting is typically conducted on easy rolling to hilly bush country where "up close encounters" are experienced by the "spot and stalk" method of hunting. Usually offering at least one shot opportunity per day (for the bow or rifle) and is ideally suited for the hunter who wants to have the "thrill of the stalk" as well as taking the trophy of a lifetime.