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Black-tailed Deer
Western Wildlife Adventures, LLC
From $3,000.00 to $21,000.00
Foothill Rd We are constantly looking for the toughest of all deer hunts, the California Blacktail Deer. We have just added the 37,500 acre Dye Creek Preserve to our lineup. Dye Creek offers a late G-1 season typically opening in late October and running 9 days through the first weekend in November. We offer three-day hunts that include lodging, food and transportation once at the location. Our Tule Elk hunts all take place on privately owned ranches and are free ranging hunts. They generally take place in July-September of each year. The landowner vouchers are very limited and hard to come by. These vouchers give you the ability to purchase the tag without going through any kind of draw system for most would take decades to draw! All the hunts include airport pickup, transportation, food, lodging and guide service. Our ranches represent some of the finest pig hunting in California and boast roughly an 90% success rate. These ranches range in size from 500 acres to over 35,000 acres.
Lockwood Hunting Services
From $3,250.00 to $3,750.00
California, United States Our blacktail deer hunts are conducted on A zone private ranches in the County of Mendocino near Hopland, CA. The terrain consists of open fields, rolling hills, forests, canyons and brush with an abundance of natural springs which makes this ideal country to glass the mountain sides and oak edges looking for that monster blacktail. We will use methods of spot and stalk to hunt the deer. The ranches we hunt are private which allows us to keep hunting pressure low, allowing bucks to mature to old age. Our success rate is high on this hunt since all of our deer hunts are one on one guided. A zone deer tags are sold over the counter. The archery season opens the second Saturday in July and continues for twenty-three consecutive days. The general Season opens the second Saturday in August and continues for forty-four consecutive days. Whether you would like to hunt with archery equipment or a rifle we can make it happen. Handicapped hunters are welcome.
Camp Five Outfitters, Inc
From $1,000.00 to $5,650.00
California California's Central Coast has long been known as "the spot" to hunt wild hogs. Camp Five's aggressive wildlife management and extensive farming operation provides everything pigs need to thrive. Hunters can't believe the numbers of wild hogs they see and our spot & stalk method proves ideal for success. Nothing is quite as exciting as seeing a big tom turkey come strutting into the decoys. Camp Five Outfitters conduct private land wild turkey hunts in southern Monterey and northern San Luis Obispo counties and run nearly 100% success. No need to go through State Draw for our Columbian Blacktail Deer hunts. We have a limited number of Private Land tags with season running July-Dec. These are trophy buck hunts with most hunting done during the rut. Success on our buck hunts runs 100% with some outstanding bucks taken each year. As a result of our farming and habitat enhancement programs, we are able to hunt a limited number of Tule Elk each year.
Twisted Horn Outfitters
Washington, United States Come join us on our private ranch of almost 10,000 acres for WORLD CLASS Trophy Quality Roosevelt Elk, Blacktail Deer, Black Bear (Color Phase), and a 2 Tom bag limit for Turkeys. Our private property is located in the heart of Mt. Adams wilderness and consists of lush farm grounds mixed in with timber and creek systems, rolling mountains and giant green flats to keep our elk numbers high. Typically our lands hold any where from 150-400 head of free ranging Roosevelt elk. Our trophy quality for Roosevelt ranges into 350+ inch bulls!!! This is the best of the best!! We also offer some of the best Blacktail hunts in the northwest!!! average harvest is 125-140 inch's . We have had harvest up to 170 inch's!!! We also have a high density of color phase black bear ranging into that 500lbs+ range. At our ranch you will also see Turkey's by the hundreds!! Lodging consists of wall tents, rvs, motels and/or lodge, depending on chosen hunt customization.
Brushed up outfitters
From $700.00 to $25,000.00
San Miguel Tule Elk hunts with tag drawn in California
Kodiak Bear Guides/ Port Lions Lodge
From $3,100.00 to $21,000.00
Port Lions Kodiak Bear Guides offers fully guided and outfitted hunting trips in some of the most productive hunting areas on Kodiak and Afognak Islands. The hunting in these areas is very good, with an excellent chance at taking that trophy of a lifetime. Kodiak Bear Guides, owned and operated by Registered Guide Brett Weaver, specializes in fantastic hunting adventures and great Alaskan experiences. If you have any questions after reading our online information, don't hesitate to contact us via phone and email. We're happy to chat about all things hunting!
God's Country Outfitters
From $4,500.00 to $5,300.00
Montana, United States This is a highly successful hunt for Trophy - Class Bull Elk and Whitetail Bucks. we also have mule deer. In Rifle season, this is primarily a spot&stalk hunt. Archery season is during the rut, and we are mostly calling the bulls within bow range, though sometimes we use stands and blinds - whatever it takes! During the Archery Rut Hunt, we host 2 - 4 guests per hunt for three 6-day hunts. Rifle season we conduct four 6-day hunts, 4 guests per hunt, on about 12,000 acres of private ranch and timber lands, and a small tract of BLM.
Kodiak Adventures Lodge
From $2,000.00 to $3,100.00
Alaska, United States If you are wondering where Blacktail deer are found in Alaska, Kodiak Island has a good population of blacktail deer. Kodiak's deer are much larger then SE Alaska, reaching weights of 175 to 200 pounds, producing some excellent trophies. A big part of the appeal of Kiliuda Bay is the open country and it's visibility. Hiking up the hillsides while spending time glassing and then stalking is the preferred way for sitka blacktail deer hunting. For the non-hiker it is best to book a later hunt and you can stay down low and quietly wait for the deer to come to you. Kodiak Adventures Lodge sits at the head of Kiliuda Bay on the SE side of Kodiak Island, Alaska. Access to our remote location is by float plane. We rarely see other hunters as there are no other lodges or people for 26 miles by boat. If you would like to experience a truly remote lodge and Alaskan hunt, this is the place!
Alaska Adventure Safaris
From $11,500.00 to $34,000.00
Chartier We offer Kodiak brown bear hunting and blacktail deer hunting on Kodiak Island, and Roosevelt Elk hunting on Raspberry and Afognak Islands-Alaska. This is the best place in the world to shoot a trophy class Brown Bear for several reasons. The Kodiak Bear population is stable, healthy, and productive. We hunt hard and smart in order to maximize your opportunity at a trophy bear, and it pays off. Kodiak Island, Alaska has a very good population of blacktail deer. Bucks can weigh 200 pounds and are fun and challenging to hunt. Mountain goats are usually found in rocky/steep terrain and are very challenging hunt. Therefore, my Kodiak island mountain goat hunts are lightweight backpack style hunts and there will be a packer and guide on each adventure. This is your chance to hunt trophy bull elk on Raspberry and Afognak Islands. Bull elk can weigh over 1200 pounds and are challenging to hunt. All hunts are adventurous fair chase spot and stalk.
Baranof Expeditions, LLC
Alaska, United States Baranof Expeditions conducts fully guided and outfitted hunts for Shiras Brown Bear, Island Black Bear, Mountain Goat, Wolf and Sitka Black-Tailed Deer in Southeast Alaska.
Kodiak Discoveries
Alaska, United States Hunt for Kodiak Brown Bear (a species isolated in the Kodiak Archipelago for 15,000 years and larger than their mainland cousins the Grizzly Bear), Roosevelt Elk, or Sitka Blacktail Deer.
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