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Hunt Alaska Outfitters
Alaskan Kodiak Brown Bear HuntFrom $18,500.00 to $18,500.00

Clear • A full 12 Day Hunt for Kodiak Brown Bear. High success

A-Team Outfitting
Sitka Black-Tailed DeerStarting from $4,500.00

Alaska • This hunt takes place on Kodiak Island From Mid October to early December. The hunt area is a highly productive hunting location and has been producing quality Black-tail for over 30 years. You will have 6 hunting days and you can hunt deer the same day you fly. During the hunting trip you will see multiple bucks worth pursuing. Hunts are based out of Arctic Oven tents and have wood stoves inside for warmth and the ability to dry clothing. You will be fed a mix of Freeze dried meals and home cooked dinners. Hunts are spent glassing the slopes for deer, we usually see several small groups of deer daily with bucks mixed into these groups. In mid November or so the rut usually starts, this will allow us to "call in" deer with bleat and grunt calls. Hunters need to be able to walk at least 3 miles per day and need to be able to climb uphill and back down from sea level, slopes of around 1000'. If you have any other questions please contact me

Kodiak Guide Service
Sitka black-tailed deer (2 bucks) hunting in KodiakFrom $2,500.00 to $2,500.00


Big Wild Outfitters
Brown Bear Hunt Kodiak Island, AlaskaStarting from $25,000.00

Alaska • 12 day quality spot and stalk hunt on the south end of the island. Hunt out of base camp and heated cabins with home cooked meals or out of a spike camp to get deeper into the Kodiak wilderness. With an 80% success rate and 9' and higher bears, this is truly a hunt of a lifetime!

Sitka Blacktail Deer Kodiak, AlaskaStarting from $5,500.00

Alaska • Our 5 day deer hunts are full of action and a lot of deer! We are shooting bucks scoring 95" to 105" with a 100% success rate. Stay in heated cabins with home cooked meals and spot and stalk the valleys and hillsides, this is the ultimate Sitka Deer package!

Bearfoot Adventures, LLC
Bearfoot Adventures HuntsFrom $5,500.00 to $30,000.00

Alaska • When you book a hunt with us you will get an experienced, professional hunting guide not a "warm body with a guide's license". We help you prepare for your hunt before you arrive by helping get your gear organized, logistics arranged, and plans ironed out. All of this allows for better service and better success, as our past hunters will attest to. We operate in many different remote and scenic parts of Alaska allowing us to choose the areas best suited to you and the game you wish to pursue. Whether it is brown or grizzly bear, Dall sheep, mountain goat, moose, caribou, Sitka deer, black bear, wolf or wolverine we can make it happen. We hold a sole use guide concession in the Denali Preserve adjacent to Denali Park. Being the only outfitter in this area gives us the opportunity to hunt hundreds of square miles without added pressure from other guides. We hunt Kodiak Island, the Alaska Range, and from our full service hunting/fishing lodge in the Lake Iliamna area.

Deer HuntsFrom $2,000.00 to $3,100.00

Alaska, United States • If you are wondering where Blacktail deer are found in Alaska, Kodiak Island has a good population of blacktail deer. Kodiak's deer are much larger then SE Alaska, reaching weights of 175 to 200 pounds, producing some excellent trophies. A big part of the appeal of Kiliuda Bay is the open country and it's visibility. Hiking up the hillsides while spending time glassing and then stalking is the preferred way for sitka blacktail deer hunting. For the non-hiker it is best to book a later hunt and you can stay down low and quietly wait for the deer to come to you. Kodiak Adventures Lodge sits at the head of Kiliuda Bay on the SE side of Kodiak Island, Alaska. Access to our remote location is by float plane. We rarely see other hunters as there are no other lodges or people for 26 miles by boat. If you would like to experience a truly remote lodge and Alaskan hunt, this is the place!

Three Bears Outfitters
Bear, Deer, Elk, Moose, Caribou Hunts

Alaska, United States • Moose Hunting in Alaska can be a very hard hunt in which you will want to prepare yourself for. Most of the hunts are very remote and you will be staying tent accommodations.Once the moose is down the work begins. Brown bears and Grizzlies are also a very large and dangerous animal. So with the help of the client your guide can skin and flesh your animal so you can have that wonderful mount or rug made of your trophy bear. After your bear has been taken if you have more time left to your hunt most people will hunt for wolves. Caribou are not as large and the time to take care of the caribou will usually not take as long. This does not mean that your guide will not work just as hard to take care of that trophy caribou.Caribou are usually found in the upper regions of Alaska; game management units 23 and 24. Roosevelt Elk are found on Raspberry Isand and Afognak. While hunt for your elk you can also hunt for Sitka Deer.

Baranof Expeditions, LLC
Big Game Hunts

Alaska, United States • Baranof Expeditions conducts fully guided and outfitted hunts for Shiras Brown Bear, Island Black Bear, Mountain Goat, Wolf and Sitka Black-Tailed Deer in Southeast Alaska.

Kodiak Discoveries
Bear, Deer, Elk Hunts

Alaska, United States • Hunt for Kodiak Brown Bear (a species isolated in the Kodiak Archipelago for 15,000 years and larger than their mainland cousins the Grizzly Bear), Roosevelt Elk, or Sitka Blacktail Deer.