Influencer Marketing for Outdoor Gear Brands

We are the enterprise influencer marketing platform for over 200 leading outdoor gear brands serving the hunting, fishing and shooting sports industries.

What is “Influencer Marketing?”

Simply put, influencer marketing is a strategy that increases your leverage in marketing spend by having professionals, experts or other people with the power to influence broader consumer purchase behavior use and recommend your products.

More brands are realizing the power that professional hunting & fishing guides, and other relevant industry insiders, have on brand image and downstream consumer purchase behavior.

Traditional consumer advertising is noisy. Getting your products into the hands of pro guides and other key influencers is crucial to higher converting sales with your target market.

Historically, pro purchase programs have been viewed as a “courtesy” and often driven from the customer service organization.

But that’s changing as influencer marketing becomes a senior management-level initiative and longer-term strategic play being incorporated into all of a brand’s marketing plans.

Influencer Marketing with Guidefitter

How does it work?

We continuously locate potential influencers
Put them through a rigorous vetting procces
Get them connected with your brand and pro program(s)
Actively market to them to drive influencer sales
Report sales & marketing analytics back to you

Who are the influencers?

Our influencer audience focuses on pro hunting and fishing guides and outfitters, but also includes seven other optional Insider Categories:

Guides & Outfitters

Hunting & Fishing: Guides, Outfitters, Packers, Fishing Charter Captains, Hunting/Fishing Lodge Owners, Professional Hunters


Active Duty, Veterans, Active Reserves, National Guard

First Responders

LEO, Retired LEO, Fire, Retired Fire, EMS (EMT/Paramedics/RN), 911 Dispatch, Search & Rescue, Journeyman/Lineman

Outdoor Government

Conservation Officers, Fish & Game Employees, USFS, BLM, USFW, NPS

Brand Employees

Hunting & Fishing Gear Manufacturers and their Employees & Affiliates

Conservation / NGO Employees

DU, RMEF, NWTF, Wild Sheep Foundation, BHA, TRCP, SCI, & more!

Outdoor Educators

Instructors: Hunter’s Education, NRA Shooting, FFF Casting, USA Archery Coaches, etc.

Retail Associates & Buyers

Outdoor Retail Associates & Buyers, Hunting / Fishing / Gun Shop Employees

How do we get started?

Interested in accessing thousands of vetted industry insiders and operating a successful influencer marketing strategy?

Send us your info below and we’ll contact you ASAP.

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